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The heritage

It is with much admiration for his father, who repaired watches, that Jean-Pierre Horvath made his first contact with the watch-making industry. As a childhood memory, looking over his father’s shoulder in front of the desk, he observes the meticulous gestures, discoves watches from the inside an helping to find the screws fallen to the floor sees a world where many clocks and cuckoos ring “midday” simultaneously. He imagines that this is the same for each child without thinking that his future is being built before him.

It is only much later that he will understand the destiny associated with being born into a Geneva watch-making family : a heritage.

VENI VIDI VICI the dream come true of Jean-Pierre Horvath, an engineer whose secret garden is drawing and design, a boundless distraction allowing a temporary and momentary escape from the rigours of technical requirements.

By creating VENI VIDI VICI, Jean-Pierre Horvath assumes this heritage with dignity and eloquence.

Jean-Pierre Horvath