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Once upon a time in Geneva

It is as a tribute to Julius Caesar, passing through Geneva in 58 B.C., that VENI VIDI VICI owes its identity.

The man to pronounce these words stopped on the banks of the Rhone river where he fought the Helvetians. Following this victory, Julius Caesar conquered Gaul and southern Great Britain.

The name of Geneva, Genava in Latin, appears for the first time in the “De Bello Gallico” texts written by Julius Caesar, where he comments on the Wars of the Gaules.



the Island's Bridge

The Concept

VENI VIDI VICI watches are hand-made, each year only a few are made available thereby guaranteeing the customer’s privilege of watching time go by on an object that is both unique and personalised.

VENI VIDI VICI’s policy is to guarantee the customer’s exclusiveness. Our greatest challenge is that the wearer of a VENI VIDI VICI be the sole owner of a unique VENI VIDI VICI watch.

The quality requirements of VENI VIDI VICI are without concession, the choice of noble materials such as gold or platinum, the search for maximum comfort and the best of “swiss made” precision. The final touch is the refinement in the detail such as finely decorated movements and a design which it is difficult to forget, adapted according to the customer’s requirements and desiderata.

VENI VIDI VICI’s vocation is to innovate. Esthetics, technical know-how, added value, quality marketing and especially contact with the owners of a watch that will accompany them throughout their life, are the motivations which make it possible for VENI VIDI VICI to reach over and above every time.

The creed: to produce watches and jewels which have their own identity and a strong personality, impossible to forget, awakening desire and speaking to one’s soul.


Here you find yourself on the PONT DE L'ILE (the Island's Bridge). This bridge is historically famous for having been crossed by Julius Caesar. An inscription on the tower tells the story. Click on the image to discover it.