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The first watch

Blinded by the lights of the cities, modern men and women have forgotten to admire our skies.

Each civilization has observed the sky and studied the path of the sun, the moon and all heavenly bodies. Man has become the master of time: he has established the rhythm of the cycles of nature, thereby shaping  his own destiny amidst the nature surrounding him.

This knowledge of the sky, transmitted through the generations, is certainly of paramount importance to human activity. The measures of the seasonal skies made it possible to establish the migration of wild game and birds, the comeback of cold days or summer heat, of rain or drought.

VENI VIDI VICI invites you to rediscover a thousand-year old knowledge and to recapture the alliance between the sun and man. Egyptian and Greek mythologies give evidence of the importance of the sun and of its rank as deity.

The sun and moon are at the heart of our calendars and our numbering system: the year is divided into twelve months as there are on average 12 lunar cycles throughout the year. A day is divided into 12 hours.

The Sumerians are said to have invented writing; they have transmitted to us the division of daily time into 12 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds.

Watchmakers have developed mechanisms that reproduce the phases of the moon, yet they have forgotten that it is the sun that shapes the rhythms of human life since the beginning of times.

One day, Jean-Pierre Horvath considered the following question:

"What height does the sun reach each day, and how can this height be calculated?”

The answer to this question will eventually be found, however, what he ignored at the time was that he was to spend two and a half years working on two exceptional watches.


The Man’s Watch
The Lady’s Watch
The Lady’s Watch set with diamonds
The Chronograph

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