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The design

The "GRAND PRIX" collection by VENI VIDI VICI consolidates the fusion between two materials: metal and lacquer. The darkness of the lacquer is enhanced by the contrast with the shine of the metal. The universal theme of the checkerboard, recalling sports and mind games, is chosen.
Many sketches had to be drawn in order to achieve a perfect balance between all the lines of the watch, thereby enhancing the whole concept.
On paper, the aesthetics go far beyond all hopes: the collection shows personality; it is dynamic yet elegant and refined.

After the completion of this stage, numerous technical issues had to be resolved so that the final result could live up to all expectations. More than two years of research and many prototypes were necessary in order to achieve what seemed so simple at the beginning. Difficulties may arise, but each problem finds its solution.

GRAND PRIX Ø 41 bracelet caoutchouc cadran noir

The Man’s Watch
The Lady’s Watch
The Lady’s Watch set with diamonds
The Chronograph

GRAND PRIX Ø 32 bracelet métal cadran blanc

The model

It is with great pleasure that VENI VIDI VICI invites you to discover its different models. The "GRAND PRIX" collection is currently available in two dimensions:

  • 32 mm of diameter for the Lady’s watch
  • 41 mm of diameter for the Man’s watch

The watches are equipped with an automatic rewinding movement. A rubber or a steel strap enhances the wrist of the owner.
The strict and square pattern of the checkerboard is also reproduced on the bezel and on the central link of the metal strap. The finish alternates satin and polished surface parts. The "GRAND PRIX" line is available with a choice of two dials:

  • Classical watch with Arabic numerals
  • Sports watch with indices.

The natural choice of colours is white or black.
Each model is manufactured in stainless 316L steel or in precious metal such as 18 carat white gold or 18 carat pink gold.


The chronograph

A third model is also available. It is a 44 mm-diameter chronograph with a checkerboard pattern swaying like a flag in the wind. This model inaugurates the collection.
The design of the chronograph reaches its paroxysm by the fact that the “Damier” pattern goes through the dial and the counters are diverted from their usual …

For the most demanding of watch lovers, the "GRAND PRIX" collection is also available as a fine jewellery model designed in different executions, with the case and bracelet entirely paved with diamonds.

Chronographe GRAND PRIX Ø 44 bracelet métal