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VENI VIDI VICI introduces its watch range. The design of each collection is the result of a lengthy process of maturing in order to create elegant and sleek shapes combined with sharp outlines. The common factor characterizing all the VENI VIDI VICI watches, besides their inherent beauty, is a strong identity, very much like a genetic code. The genetics of the VENI VIDI VICI collections are easily recognizable: the “scales” range and the “checkerboard” range are the two outstanding ranges of the VENI VIDI VICI brand.

Each range is unique and its features can be identified, memorized and recognized easily.

VENI VIDI VICI’s creativity is also expressed in the technical field of watchmaking. Many years of research and development and thorough simulations result in the final realization of complications.

The first invention of VENI VIDI VICI is the unique movement that indicates the evolution of the solar declination, which is an astronomical event founding the seasons on earth.

For its second invention, VENI VIDI VICI goes even further and completes the information given by the first invention by featuring indications on the location and the sun.

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