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VENI VIDI VICI is constantly on the lookout for perfection, honing every detail.

This constant search for absolute perfection led us to totally rethink the jewel case.

The man's watch
The lady's watch
The chronograph
The jewel box


By using our logo for its shape, our aim was to transcend the role of the jewel box, taking it away from its function as a box and orienting it rather towards being an objet d'art.

Take the jewel box in your hands and just turn it over and around.


Ever changing yet always the same, it will allow you to explore the complexity of a shape bearing mystery and simplicity.

Your watch's jewel box deserves to be exhibited and not hidden away at the back of some drawer, totally out of sight.



For your watch's jewel box, VENI VIDI VICI has chosen materials of the greatest nobility:
glass, metal and leather in balanced unison.

The jewel box is and always will be a case in which your watch will be a joy for ever .